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Why would my sperm smell like chlorine

Semen contains numerous substances that influence its smell, and your individual diet, hygiene, and sex life all play a part. Certain foods can give it a sweet scent and taste! But eating or drinking acidic substances can make your semen smell foul. Some infections and conditions can influence its odor, too. Read on to learn why semen has such a distinct scent, when you should see your doctor about the smell, and how to improve your overall odor.
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What Your Semen Says About Your Health

Why would my sperm smell like chlorine
Why would my sperm smell like chlorine
Why would my sperm smell like chlorine
Why would my sperm smell like chlorine
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Is It Normal - Semen

Sperm can have many different smells, from bleachy to fishy, which is determined by many different factors, including health, diet, and lifestyle choices. There are changes you can make to help your sperm smell better or less strong. A man releases millions of sperm cells each time he ejaculates. Some people do not smell sperm, but most of us do, and there are many different smells that can go with it. The most common and normal smell of sperm is reported to be a bleach or chlorine smell. Sperm has ammonia and other alkaloids that smell like some cleaning products, which isn't the most pleasant smell but it isn't the worst smell either.
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What Does Semen Smell Like? The Truth

Very many things about the male human body are a mystery. Penises, why? Those tiny nipples, what?! But dip beneath the hairy surface of a man's skin, and even more mysteries await, hiding away in his male depths.
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Semen is the cloudy white bodily fluid that is emitted from the urethra and out of the penis during ejaculation. It consists of mobile sperm cells called spermatozoa and a nutrient-rich fluid called seminal fluid. During ejaculation, a thick-walled duct called the vas deferens carries the sperm cells from the epididymis to the urethra and then outside of the body or into the vagina by means of the penis. These three glands, often referred to as accessory sex glands, are the bulbourethral glands also called Cowper's glands , the prostate gland, and the seminal vesicles. The first portion of seminal fluid about 5 percent consists of secretions from the Cowper's glands.
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